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Most of us truly enjoy hosting both business clients and friends at dinner as a way of being gracious, hospitable and sealing a new relationship, or celebrating a well established one. We want to create an immediate, positive impact that will turn an ordinary experience into a lasting memory.

Carey McBeth, Lifestyle & Etiquette Expert, can help erase entertaining worries. Carey offers a five-star approach when it comes to creating an experience that no one will forget. Getting a reservation at a famous restaurant simply isn’t enough anymore.

Learn how to stand out from everyone else with Carey’s Kick-Ass Client Entertaining tips and playbook!

Looking for a new way to entertaining clients or develop new business? Kick-Ass Client Entertaining is a program designed for those who entertaining clients as a business development strategy. Full of creative and unique ideas on how to bring people together around food and wine, this program will make you a pro at what is a fun and effective way to grow your network. This is the perfect mealtime keynote for your conference banquet.

– How to use business entertaining as a powerful client development strategy;
– Learn to transform business meetings and sales functions into memorable social events;
– How to receive consistent VIP service in restaurants;
– Learn to create dynamic wine and food pairings;
– Master the fine points of entertaining at home;
– Learn the “top 10 Power Entertaining Tips”
* Keynote during breakfast, lunch or signature dinner event

Over 60% of business is conducted over a meal. You have your prestigious MBA and powerful business connections but unfortunately, that won’t come in handy when the waiter hands you the wine list and your client suggests a Chateauneuf du Pape. Having confidence and know-how at the dining room table is just as important as having confidence in the boardroom. From navigating the place setting to handling the cheque like a world-class executive, Dine Like a Diplomat will show you how to master the art of the business meal. This is the perfect mealtime keynote for your conference banquet.

– How to be a memorable host and a gracious guest;
– Body language at the table;
– Styles of eating and wine savvy;
– Small talk, table talk, and when to talk business;
– The dos and don’ts of dining.
* This keynote includes a formal dining tutorial during breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Entering a room full of strangers can be stressful and awkward, especially at a large conference or event. Successful networking will depend on your ability to socialize confidently. From the art of memorable conversation to turning business cards into business relationships, Making Cocktails Count uses wine and canapé stations along with international culture to create a networking experience like no other. No more idle conversation, its time to have some fun and really connect!

– How to create the right first impression and leave your mark;
The most important question to ask when you meet someone;
– The secret to attracting people around you;
– How to properly select and taste wine when entertaining;
– How to be socially savvy when networking with individuals from around the world;
– Post event follow-up; what to do, and how to get it done.
* An interactive keynote presented at the beginning of a cocktail reception.




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