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Have you ever considered etiquette and soft skills training for your team? With the escalated use of digital communication and social media, we have lost the basic social tools required to build and maintain solid client relationships. If 85% of success in business is directly related to your soft skills, perhaps it is time for you to consider our specialized training.

Our clients want to:

› improve their employee’s professional image and develop executive presence;

› network naturally with proven results;

› identify areas to improve their quality of customer service;

› elevate the client experience by establishing or enhancing client service protocol;

› engage a team that is a professional extension of their corporate brand;

› refine employee soft skills to successfully connect and engage with clients;

› master the art of human connection;

› instill basic business etiquette in new hires;

› learn cross-generational and multicultural communication styles;

› have their employees shine while they business dine; whether attending a cocktail reception or sit-down meal.

Let’s connect! I want to learn about your company and to discover the ways I can help you. 

Carey McBeth

Etiquette & Soft Skills Trainer

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