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Looking for creative ways to generate leads, connect with prospects and build loyalty among existing clients?

Client entertaining and events can be daunting, even for the most seasoned executive. When faced with the task of securing that big deal over a meal, it won’t be your MBA that comes into play, it will be your ability to entertain your client in a way they will never forget. Client entertaining must be strategic in order to realize its true ROI.  The days of basic “booze ‘n’ schmooze” are gone; it is now about creating an experience that will allow you to connect with prospects all while securing referrals and repeat business along the way. No more stale business luncheons or typical client events, step outside the box and join Carey as she takes you, your sales team, or conference delegates through the fine art of entertaining.

Our clients want to:

  • Use business entertaining and events as a powerful client-development and marketing strategy.
  • Transform boring business luncheons and corporate events into unforgettable experiences that will have people talking.
  • Master the finer points of entertaining, from food and wine pairing to handling the bill like a world-class executive.
  • Discover the tricks to get VIP service anywhere, at any given time.
  • Learn Carey’s “secrets to increasing your entertaining IQ” derived from over 10 years of planning creative, award-winning, and unforgettable client experiences.

“A charismatic presenter with a commanding presence, Carey will leave your audience feeling confident and entertained while walking away with ‘quick wins’ to implement immediately.”

– Doris Gnandt, Former Vice President Sales, Odlum Brown Limited

Carey McBeth

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